OBLSK consists of a team of artists, inventors, and designers who come together to create engaging interactive installations, finely crafted imagery, and powerful multi-sensory experiences.

Our areas of expertise include video production, large-scale projection mapping, interactive electronic and mechanical engineering, visual design, costume and set design, brand development, and more. We collaborate with clients ready to pioneer new ways of engaging their audience; creative-minded organizations interested in developing their brand using art and technology.

Pelham Johnston

is a filmmaker, inventor, researcher, and artist.  He uses a combination of creativity, technical know-how, and a love for working collaboratively to create finely crafted moving art and media that tells a story with a purpose.


Eve Warnock  

eve has earned an MFA from the Digital Arts and New Media program at the University of California Santa Cruz. She has worked internationally with Puppet company Wakka Wakka productions, collaborated with artist Ann Hamilton, and designed the artistic elements of Limited Brands Co. marketing designs. She is co-founder of OBLSK, a creative agency made up of artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs, HERD, a researched based creation to explore herding behaviors in humans and animals, and she is the artistic consultant for LUDIKA, a collaborative art and game company rooted in science and play. Both her performative and sculptural work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, theaters, and opera houses, but she prefers the guerilla style of public street performances where it is free for all to attend.  evewarnock.com


Stacie Sells

Stacie is a a woman who wears a lot of different hats. With a BFA in Art and Technology she’s always has been interested in exploring new technologies and how they can be applied in art and business, which naturally drew her to OBLSK Interactive. Her skill in Video editing, project managing, and being a social media wizard gives her the drive to make sure the project will get done giving 110%.


Marque Reavley


Marque is a software wizard and a virtuoso in working through glitches and possible hiccups in the code for our projects. His unique approach to coding is developed from a sense of care for the craft which has been developed from his background in music composition and creative writing. He is an incredible team collaborator and his calm energy and efficient work ethic keeps us all in awe.