Projection mapping


What is Projection Mapping?

  • Projection mapping is a culmination of technologies that uses light and image to “map” a light projection onto an object, building, or person.   

  • Projection mapping turns ordinary walls and surfaces into dynamic, animated works of art and creates opportunities for memorable, eye-catching presentations
  • It reaches mass audiences in a short amount of time and creates a ripple effect of dialogue.
  • It makes impact creating an experience for the viewer which results in a long lasting sensorial memory.
  • It makes a ripple effects by creating dialogue between the participants experience as they talk amongst each other of their own personal experiences with the projection installation.
  • It can be used as a long term advertisement that can be changed on a daily basis.

Projection mapping


Who uses Projection Mapping?

  • Projection Mapping is an awesome way to deliver an unforgettable experience and can be used on both a large and scale.  Projection Mapping can be used by both start up businesses and corporations as well as non profits, and government agencies.  Projection Mapping is also great for Set Designers, Visual merchandisers, Costume Designers, Directors, Event Coordinators and Festival organizers. We see it  as a mode to deliver art, as a mode to deliver a message, and as a mode to deliver an experience.


Projection mapping


When to Use Projection Mapping

  • Projection can be used in most lighting situations except direct sunlight and in the broad daylight.  With the continued development of projection technologies we are able to create an experience in most situation and we see the best experiences of

  • Projection Mapping during the evening or nights and with controlled lighting. If lighting is a concern we are also experts in other forms of lighting design that is effective in the day, such as LED lighting and LCD screens.

  • Projection can be used in all seasons and weather conditions. In cold weather and rain a weatherproofing housing is used for electronic elements of the projection installation.

  • Projection can be used as a one time event or for a longer term.  It can be used as a long term advertisement that has the ability to change on a daily basis.


Projection mapping


How Can Projection Mapping Be Used?

  • Projection Mapping can be used in many different scenarios.  It is an awe inspiring spectacle that draws attention.  You can imagine the conversations that are created through a large-scale projection mapped installation.  

  • Projection Mapping can be used as an advertisement to communicate with mass audiences a new product, or promotion, or to simply brand an image or logo in a creative way.

  • Projection mapping is great for conferences, corporate events, or fundraisers. It is a fun and playful tool to create the ambience for the event, or it makes a beautiful and engaging centerpiece.  Projection can become interactive and be used as a networking tool or something to ignite dialogue on a specific topic.

  • Projection Mapping is also great for festivals both for experiential installation as well as large scale place making artworks as well as a tool for navigation and communication.  

  • Projection Mapping is great as a set design element for theatrical performances, dance performances, musical production, and DJ Sets.

  • Lastly it is an awesome visual merchandising tool, great for Window Design and other prop displays.