Brand development is creating and strengthening the identity of your Business and directing how this identity is perceived by the market.  We like to look at Brand Development in phases.

  • The first phase is understanding your brand strategy and aligning it with your business objectives.  Lets make sure we are all on the same page and design a platform that speaks to your target market through product, language, and design.
  • The second phase is generating the tools for communicating your brand, which includes things like logo design, taglines, imagery, and a kick ass website
  • Finally, the third phase is where we create the marketing strategies, choosing the right marketing tools that will strengthen your brand identity and get your brand out to the target audiences. 

Phase 1. We sit down and go through the business plan.  We look at the business objectives and develop a strategy together on how to obtain these objectives through brand development and marketing strategy. In this phase we analyze the product design, the target audience, the business' mission, and the marketing budget and develop the best possible Branding and Marketing scenario that supports your business plan.  



Phase 2. In this Phase, we create the visual image of your Brand, how your brand will be perceived by the market.  We design a Graphic Logo, we create a tagline, we develop the  "look"  through media guidelines, and language choices.  We then accumulate these visual assets in an all-star website that is aesthetically stunning, highly functional with easy navigation, and we outfit it for the best search optimization possible. 

  • Logo design and Tagline: 
    • Branding guides: We will create a printable PDF which Includes, color palate, font, tone of voice, and image guidelines:

  • Web design:
    • Website design: includes a 5-7 page website layout, content, and stock footage: 
    • Website design and media package: includes 5-7 page website layout, content,  photo portfolio (24 professional photos) and 1-2 minute video with motion graphics: 


Phase 3. Here we implement the marketing strategy, deciding which marketing method is the best tactic for your business. In this day and age social media management is incredibly important in communicating with your target audience.  What we have found is that with a strong social media presence combined with an out of the box advertising tactic, works wonders in getting your brand out there and imprinted in peoples minds. OBLSK holds monthly marketing meetings with our clients where we go over the monthly marketing strategies, insights and productivity, and tactics to connect with target clients.

Social media marketing retainer:

  • Monthly marketing meeting- we go over objectives, promotions, and social media insights
  • Monthly marketing strategy reflecting business objectives for the month.
  • includes the set up and design of 4 social media sites.
  • Updates of each site 3x weekly with promotions, content, events, and business information.