Note from the Owner: Eve Warnock

Why hello there!

Why hello there!

In this day and age we get to create change.  I’m seeing people take initiative. We are coming together to elevate each other, and to elevate our communities, our neighborhoods, and our cities.  This is a pivotal time and so is every other time. There is urgency because we get to be urgent. The earth is our home, the soil, the water, the sky, the animals, the air, the views and we get to protect it with respect, with courage, with action, and with initiative.  Coming into my 40’s being a mother, a business owner, an artists, and a leader, I get to lead by example. Hell yeah! And with my partner Pelham we are building OBLSK as a business that incorporates Creativity, Leadership, Sustainability, Community, and Beauty to support our families, our neighborhoods, our cities, our world, and our earth.

Stay tuned as we create this path and keep a look out for our work in the next couple of months while we collaborate with Ready for 100, Green Spot, Green Columbus  to beautify Columbus city with Light, Imagery, and Possibility.

Love the earth and she will love you back.

Come on out Sunday April 22nd @11 and take part in Aerial Art Project for the National Ready for 100 Campaign to support Renewable Energy in Columbus.