Media Production

OBLSK specializes in media production of all kinds. Below you'll find examples of our video work including music videos, short films, commercials, documentaries, and illusory graphics for projection mapping. OBLSK creates finely crafted and eye-catching imagery that is sure to entice audiences.  We specialize in storytelling through digital video, motion graphics, animation, and sound compositions.  We enjoy collaborating with our clients, working together to make incredible videos. 


The Windchimes Restaurant


Video Production

OBLSK creates highly crafted videos from concept to completion.  Our Video teams are detail oriented making sure that the videos reflect our client's desires. We  know what it takes to create an outstanding video that will interest mass audiences. 


G'litter Done Campaign; ZenGenius


Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion Graphics can add that professional edge, that touch of magic, or a contemporary feel to any video. OBLSK specializes in animated logos, animated text, stop motion animation, and motion graphics, giving life to static objects.


St. Louis City Museum


Sound Composition

Sound is an incredible aspect to the success of a video.  From capturing the ambient sound of a location shot, to creating a sound foley, to tweaking the audio of an interview, to composing a catchy soundtrack. OBLSK takes sound seriously and creates only the highest quality audio experiences.